Smart Capital Expenditures Planning

Efficient Use Of Capital In Your Network. Maximize Return-On-Investment (ROI). Minimize Wasteful Expenditures.

Using revenue data as well as cost data, classify low, normal and high margin sites to drive intelligent capital deployment decisions in the network and overlay capacity metrics to prioritize the site investments.

Pain Points

  • Lack of comprehensive visibility into site profitability
  • Investment decisions are uncertain and time consuming
  • Results in wasteful spending


  • Efficient use of capital in your network
  • Maximize Return-On-Investment (ROI)
  • Minimize wasteful expenditures

Data Sources

  • Charging and Billing CDRs
  • OpEx / Cost (Rent, Energy, etc.)
  • Inventory System


  • Prepare combined margin and capacity report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Send report to stakeholders
  • Automate downstream workflows to take action on low margin sites


  • Network Planning Team
  • Operation Team
  • Finance Team