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GreySkies Service Assurance

The GreySkies Service Assurance (SA) platform allows a service provider’s engineering, operations, and planning teams to proactively manage today’s complex and ever changing infrastructure, enabling visibility at every layer. The solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each telecommunications service provider. The platform foundation is engineered to scale with the growing needs of today’s networks, constantly providing key insights into the infrastructure, and ensuring service delivery success. The platform is universal supporting all vendors and all technologies within a service provider’s network, whether it be virtual or physical, 5G or IOT, it is easily adaptable to support new vendors and new technologies to incorporate next generation performance data right alongside data from legacy systems.

Add-On Modules

Telco Cloud Module

The GreySkies Telco Cloud module is capable of collecting metrics from NFVI level (physical nodes and host level), VM level, VNF level and the underlying physical network nodes to provide full visibility that is critical in troubleshooting complex issues. In addition to monitoring the NFV architecture components above, it also interfaces with the NFV orchestrator and SDN controllers and provide the visibility into the end-to-end service provisioning and performance.

Machine Learning

It is not enough to build and deploy good algorithms for Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection, such algorithms must be built efficiently to scale in order to support the service provider requirements. GreySkies has developed such platform for Real-Time Anomaly Detection where we achieve service provider scale (thousands of streams) by building highly efficient algorithms and deploying them on a scalable infrastructure that can grow with additional demands for such services.

Network Automation Module

The GreySkies platform incorporates a highly scalable, flexible and configurable automation workflow framework, which complements the data collection capabilities of the platform with complex analytics with the capability to push the remediation action directly or indirectly (through NMS) to the relevant network element.

Topology Module

Ability to visualize network or service topologies is critical to the operations, engineering and planning teams within a service provider. The GreySkies platform enables service providers to overlay a variety of network, service or business KPIs on topologies and to visualize the data in Live mode or historical mode.

Synthetic Testing Module

In addition to out-of-the-box synthetic tests (such as TWAMP, Ping, DNS and URL testing), the GreySkies platform offers service providers a software-based, programmable synthetic testing module that is fully flexible to support any type of test the service providers requires, whether it be Video testing or complex workflow testing.


NetFlow is one of the most popular standards for flow data monitoring in IP networks. The GreySkies Netflow Module is highly scalable supporting millions of flows per minute and supporting all netflow flavors including Netflow v5, v9 and v10, IPFIX, Jflow and Cflowd. Combining Netflow information with the other sources of data such as Telemetry, Probes, customer experience metrics collected by the GreySkies Service Assurance Platform , enriches and enhances an operator’s visibility into its network performance.

Subscriber Analytics

Subscriber Analytics module is designed to collect and analyze network data and subscriber transaction records (from DPI or Charging CDRs) on a near real-time basis to provide the service provider with a comprehensive view of Subscriber analytics, Applications and Video Analytics, Devices Analytics, Technology Analytics and Location Analytics.