Key Features

GreySkies Service Assurance Platform offer comprehensive observability and automation for multi-technology Service Provider networks

Advanced Analytics

End users often require various types of data transformations and analytics to be performed on incoming data streams. The analytics layer in the GreySkies platform supports logical or mathematical transformations as well as more complex queries involving data correlations across various data sets. The Analytics Module capabilities enable the support of complex logic required for Root-Cause Analysis.

On-The-Fly Transformations
Real-Time Analytics
Off-line Analytics

Actionable Intelligence

One of the critical features of the GreySkies platform is its ability to leverage the vast amounts of collected data streams into actionable intelligence. This can take many forms, from scalable performance alerts based on complex boolean logic, to root-cause analysis (RCA), all the way to Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection.

Scalable Performance Alerts
Machine Learning
Real-Time Anomaly Detection


The GreySkies Service Assurance platform natively supports multi-tenancy. This enables Managed Service Providers (MSP) to manage the performance of its enterprise customer services from one unified platform. It enables an MSP to monitor the performance of its customers’ key services and instrument KPIs to take the necessary actions upon meeting pre-defined conditions, customized for each tenant’s SLA.  It also allows an MSP to extend network visibility to their customers whereby each customer can view their own dashboards and KPIs.

MSP-Ready Platform
Role-Based Access Control
LDAP Integration

Massive CDR Ingestion

A Service Provider service assurance requirements spans technical and business domains. The GreySkies Platform supports not only the Network and Service Level KPIs, but it can also ingest Call Detailed Records, Billing Records, and Customer Care Logs, to provide comprehensive observability for the Service Provider.

DPI Transactions
Charging Records
Customer Care Records
Business Transactions

Dashboards & Reports

The Platform’s Dashboards and Reports are highly customizable enabling users to create their own views using a multitude of widgets including Charts, Tables, Gauges, TopN Widgets, Maps and Topologies, with the ability to overlay data from different sources on any widget.

Real-Time Dashboards
Historical Dashboards & Reports
Design & Schedule Report Generation and Distribution

Synthetic Testing

Being able to test the quality of the network services offered to customers it is critical to network trouble-shooting and provides an important complement to the variety of passive data collected form the network. In addition to common active probing test such as (TWAMP, Ping, etc.) the GreySkies platform offers a Software-Defined fully programmable virtual probe that can designed to follow the Service Provider specific requirements.

URL testing
Rest-API Endpoints
TWAMP / Ping
Custom tests

We also provide Universal Coverage & 3rd Party Intergration