Network Automation and Remediation

Address Issue Prior to Customer Impact. Reduces Customer Complaints. Reduces Workload Operations Teams

Perform network remediation upon fault or performance degradation to either restore the service or address the service impairment.

Pain Points

  • Networks are vulnerable to soft failures resulting in degraded service
  • Takes a long time and effort to restore service
  • Simple recurring issues require repeated manual effort


  • Addresses the Issue prior to Customer Impact
  • Reduces Customer Complaints
  • Reduces Workload Operations Teams

Data Sources

  • Network incidence data from Fault System
  • Critical KPIs (Errors, etc.) Performance System(s)
  • Trouble-Ticketing System
  • NMS / EMS / Direct Device


  • Detect Service anomalies using rules-based logic or machine learning techniques
  • Invoke remediation workflow
  • Operations Team approve action
  • Receive notification of successful action


  • Network Operations Team
  • Customer Care Team