GreySkies is the essential service assurance platform for telecommunications service providers. We weave together network, infrastructure, and service KPIs, logs and customer experience metrics to provide full observability of your services. These capabilities help service providers minimize outages and ensure their customers are getting the best digital experience.

Our Philosophy ....

We are building the world’s leading Service Assurance platform for telecommunications service providers and large enterprises. From Infrastructure Monitoring and End-to-End Service Modeling to Subscriber Analytics and Customer Quality of Experience Metrics, GreySkies unifies it all in one pane of glass, with actionable intelligence and automation to close the loop.

We are hyper-focused on delivering value to our customers by solving real-world problems that are impacting their day-to-day operations. We are agnostic to the technology applied to the challenge. Our philosophy is to use the appropriate toolset to deliver efficiencies and higher productivity to our customers. Whether it be cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning and Automation, or dynamically generated insights to expedite root cause identification and remediation, our focus is always to address our customers challenges.

We believe in empowering our customers. We do this by designing our platform to be programmable and flexible so that our customer can tune its functionality to meet their own needs and requirements.

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