Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional Observability of Service Provider Networks

From Infrastructure Monitoring and End-to-End Service Modeling, to Subscriber Analytics and Customer Quality of Experience Metrics, GreySkies unifies it all In One Pane of Glass, with Actionable Intelligence and Automation to Close-The-Loop

What we offer?

Ultimate Deployment Versatility

Virtualized or Containerized deployment options accommodating seamless horizontal expansion

Limitless Data Ingestion

Collect data from any system or network, any technology, any vendor at the frequency of your choice

Flexible، Programmable & Open

Flexible APIs and programmable modules enable quick-turnaround of new integrations

Actionable Intelligence

Supports your journey transitioning from legacy networks to next generation technologies such IOT, 5G and Cloud

Why GreySkies ?​

Deliver High Quality Services
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Save On Opex And Capex
Protect Your Brand Reputation

GreySkies Platform Workflow

Our Platform Workflow Starts with Collecting data from everywhere, Saving the Data in our Big Data Store, Applying Advanced Analytics including Machine Learning to Provide you with Actionable Intelligence, Visualizing, Reporting and Alerting and Finally Using Automation to Take Preventative or Self-Healing Actions.



Model your Network, Infrastructure and Services with Metadata Enrichment That Enables End-to-End Service Observability and Root Cause Localization​



From Any Network, Technology or Vendor. If a System Has a Machine Interface, We Will Collect Data from it​, Whether it is metrics, logs, configuration or business KPIs



Manage Your Data and Keep it as Long as you Wish. Access Your Data Real-Time Visualization Or For Retrospective Analysis or Export it to Data Warehouse​



Execute On-The-Fly Transformations or Machine Learning-Based Anomaly Detection on Data During Collection, or Apply Advanced Analytics Post-Collection ​



Design Your Own Live or Retrospective Dashboards. Build Your Own Reports and Schedule Their Generation and Forwarding To Stakeholders



Apply Automation Workflows To Your Network To Implement Self-Healing Use Cases Or To Your Systems To Enhance Productivity​

Trusted by top-tier telecommunications companies


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