Green Energy and Emissions Tracking

Comply With Your Emissions Targets. Automated Tracking Of Energy Used. Optimize Energy Source Mix.

Service Providers are setting aggressive targets regarding their greenhouse gas emissions.  Tracking energy consumption per site per energy sources is critical to provide visibility for Service providers into their journey towards greener energy sources and reduced CO2 emissions.

Pain Points

  • Lack of readily available data regarding energy consumption by source
  • Lack of ability to track progress towards emissions targets


  • Comply with your emissions targets        
  • Automated tracking of energy used
  • Optimize energy source mix

Data Sources

  • Energy Consumption by Source
  • Energy Costs by Source
  • Network Inventory


  • Collect energy consumption data
  • Use pre-built formulae to calculate CO2 emissions
  • Produce weekly or monthly report


  • Network Planning Team
  • Network Facilities Team