Correlate Customer Metrics with Network Degradation

Become Proactive, Not Reactive. Quickly Localize And Troubleshoot Issues. Protect Your Brand

Customer experience metrics (RTT / Packet Loss) elevated beyond the norm. Upon detection of a deteriorated critical KPI(s), the Greyskies Service Assurance platform automatically notifies the Service Operation Center (SoC). The platform will generate a customized report containing all KPI dependencies from various service supporting functions enabling easy localization of the issue to a specific service element(s) or network element(s).

Pain Points

  • Reacting only upon receiving customer complaints
  • Lack of ability to understand root cause of customer complaints
  • Performing damage control with the customers


  • Become proactive not reactive
  • Quickly localize and troubleshoot issues
  • Protect Your Brand

Data Sources

  • Customer Experience Probes or DPI CDRs
  • Critical KPIs (Errors, etc.) Performance System(s)
  • Trouble-Ticketing System


  • Customer experience KPI degradation detected
  • Trouble-Ticket Generated
  • Automatic customized report generated
  • Rapid Localization of the root cause


  • Service Operations Center
  • Operations Team