MWC23: A Journey through the Latest Developments in Mobile Technology

GreySkies was proud to participate in the event for the first time to launch our Service Assurance software platform.

The Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC23) recently came to a close, but not before showcasing the latest and greatest in technology and innovation from a range of industry leaders. GreySkies was proud to participate in the event for the first time to launch our Service Assurance software platform.


Greyskies' Service Assurance Platform stood out as a comprehensive solution for telecom MNOs looking to monitor and manage their network and service performance. Attendees were impressed by the platform's ability to use machine learning and AI algorithms to provide real-time insights into network and service performance, as well as its end-to-end correlation capabilities, which provide a comprehensive view of the customer journey.


In addition to the impressive exhibition at MWC23, the leadership team at Greyskies took advantage of the opportunity to meet with CTOs and top managers from existing customers, new potential customers, and partners from different parts of the world. These meetings were a key part of Greyskies' strategy for building and strengthening relationships with their customers and partners.


One highlight from the event was sharing our success story about our collaboration with Orange Egypt, with the attendance of Orange leadership team at our booth, where Greyskies service assurance software platform helped them to reduce operational costs (OPEX) and improve quality of service (QoS) by providing real-time monitoring, analysis, automated troubleshooting and root cause analysis. This enabled Orange Egypt to quickly identify and resolve service degradation issues before impacting customers, minimizing downtime and improving overall customer experience.


MWC23 was buzzing with excitement around the hot topics such as 5G, IoT, Private Networks, and AI, and Greyskies' Service Assurance Platform was particularly relevant to these areas. As telecom companies move towards such areas, there is a growing need for more advanced service assurance capabilities to manage the increased complexity of the network. The GreySkies platform addresses these needs and demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the telecom industry.


Overall, our participation at MWC23 was a resounding success. Our innovative technology and forward-thinking vision left a lasting impression on attendees, and sparked excitement about the future of Service Assurance. We are excited about our follow-ups and upcoming engagements with our customers. We can't wait to see you next year at MWC24!

If you're interested in learning the future of Service Assurance please check out our website or book a meeting with our team to learn how we've helped operators including Etisalat, Orange and more reduce operational costs.