GreySkies Platform: Revolutionizing Telecom with Cutting-Edge AIOps

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to drive transformation across numerous industries, its impact on telecommunications has been particularly profound. AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, stands at the forefront of this revolution. By applying AI and Machine Learning technologies, AIOps platforms are adept at handling massive volumes of data, including telemetry and events, to discern meaningful patterns. These insights pave the way for proactive responses in IT operations.

GreySkies Platform: Revolutionizing Telecom with Cutting-Edge AIOps

The Relevance of AIOps in Telecommunications:

The application of AIOps principles is immensely beneficial for both fixed and mobile service providers. This relevance is particularly noticeable in areas such as performance monitoring, root cause analysis, network diagnostics, and predictive maintenance.

Defining AIOps Characteristics by Gartner:

According to Gartner’s “Market Guide for AIOps Platforms”, there are five key characteristics of AIOps platforms are:

  • Cross-domain Data Ingestion and Analytics
  • Topology Assembly
  • Event Correlation
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Automation & Remediation

These defining characteristics are fully realized in the architecture of the GreySkies platform.

Introducing the GreySkies Platform:

While current market offerings in AIOps for telecom service providers often focus either on Network Operations or Customer and Business Operations, GreySkies excels by integrating network and service operations data with customer and business operations data. This comprehensive approach enables a broad spectrum of AIOps applications across the service provider.

The GreySkies AIOps platform ingests subscriber transaction Call Detail Records (CDRs) along with network and service KPIs, metrics, and alarms. This integration allows for correlating subscriber experiences with network and service operation metrics. Additionally, by incorporating essential business measures such as charging CDRs, GreySkies aligns network and service performance with critical business metrics like revenue. This data is then utilized in two different ways:

  • Real-Time Streaming Analytics: For correlating and analyzing data streams "in-motion."
  • Intensive Complex Data Analytics: Providing deep insights into historical data "at-rest."

Use Cases & Business Value:

Currently operational with several Tier-1 operators, GreySkies has demonstrated exceptional value. Noteworthy applications include energy management and optimization, comprehensive service assurance for 4G/5G Mobile Data Service, Telco-Cloud infrastructure, Fixed Broadband Service, and Intelligent Capacity Planning for both fixed and mobile networks.

Each of these use cases has delivered a quantifiable and meaningful return-on-investment to these service providers. For example, the energy management and optimization use case at a Tier-1 Telecommunications Service Provider resulted in a reduction of 6% of the DC Radio energy consumption budget, while the 4G/5G Mobile Data service assurance at another Tier-1 Telecommunications Service Provider resulted in $50M revenue loss avoidance on $2.5B of revenue.


The GreySkies AIOps platform is not just an innovation; it's a transformative force in telecommunications. By offering a holistic view that combines network, service, and business operations, it sets a new standard in the industry.

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